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Quality System

Quality Management System:

  • Digital Forensic laboratories seeking accreditation are required to establish, implement, and maintain a Quality Management System appropriate to the scope of their activities.

  • Must have documented policies, systems, programs, procedures, and instructions to assure the quality of the test results.

  • Quality Management System policies related to quality must be documented in a Quality Manual.

  • Quality Management System must include or make reference to supporting technical and administrative procedures.

  • Must outline the structure of the documentation used in the Quality Manual.

  • Requires a Quality Policy Statement (objectives) that covers management's commitment to:


    • Professional practice.

    • Standards of service.

    • The purpose of the QMS.

    • Provide assurances that laboratory members are aware of the quality documentation.

    • Ensuring the implementation of applicable policies and procedures.

    • Maintain compliance with ISO 17025.

  • Roles and responsibilities of technical management and the Quality Manager must be defined.

  • Upper level management must ensure the integrity of the Quality Management System.

  • The design, development, and implementation of the Quality Management System will be a difficult task!



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