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ASCLD/LAB Accreditation:

  • American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board.

  • Accreditation is one component of an overall Quality Management System.

  • Objectives of accreditation include:  


    • Improving the quality of laboratory services.

    • Maintaining criteria which laboratories utilize to determine their level of performance.

    • Providing independent external, impartial, objective assessments;

    • Providing a means for the criminal justice system to identify laboratories that have met or exceeded established national and international standards.

  • ASCLD/LAB has provided voluntary forensic crime laboratory accreditation services since 1982 under its Legacy program.

  • Any laboratory can apply for ASCLD/LAB accreditation to demonstrate that it meets or exceeds established national and international standards.

  • In 2003 the Digital Evidence discipline (now Digital & Multimedia Evidence) was added to its accreditation program.

  • Comprised of four sub-disciplines:  Computer Forensics, Forensic Audio, Image Analysis, and Video Analysis.

  • ASCLD/LAB-International Program began in April 2004.

  • Based on the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 International Standard and the ASCLD/LAB Supplemental Requirements (2011 Edition).

  • As of November 2011, ASCLD/LAB had accredited 387 crime laboratories. Accredited laboratories include local, state,  federal, international (non-US), and private laboratories.

  • Of the total, 184 laboratories are accredited under the ASCLD/LAB-International Program.



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